Harley Wax is an advanced hair removal waxing system available to Spas and Salons. What makes Harley Wax superior to other waxes is that it causes less irritation, less discomfort and better results.

With Harley Wax, you can expect a nourishing skin treatment that will remove hairs as short as 1mm. Unlike other depilatory routines, Harley Wax has almost no sticky residue, it leaves skin soft with no irritation, removes hair from the root to reduce chances of ingrown hairs and leaves skin hair free for much longer.

It is established in the UK, the driving force behind this company was to create a high quality professional waxing system that could also be sold at a reasonable price.





Walter Friedmann teamed up with Esthetician Rosel Heim at the end of the 1940's and developed one of the first complete skincare series tailored to 

different skin types.

The harmonious combination of innovative biotechnological ingredients with particularly developed and improved ingredient transportation systems offers a new dimension in skincare.

In-house laboratory and production

Made in Germany






Biodroga MD Medic Skin Care is based on the combination of Phytopharmaceuticals, Dermatology, Biotechnology and Cosmetics. Highly efficient without a prescription - scientifically proven.


The Biodroga MD CELLMED METHOD is based on a systematic development of skin health. Four subsequent steps maximize the efficiency of the dermaceutical high-tech care and ensure optimal care and protection of the skin.

All products are free of parabens, mineral oils, silicones, PEG emulsifiers, sulfates, ethanolamines, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants and animal substances.

Made in Germany







Dr. Grandel started 1936 by producing wheat flour and supplements. In 1950, he discovered the incredible benefit of wheat germ extract for the skin! The beginning of the "Beautyness" company that are famous for their highly effective glas ampoules. Dr Grandel's son took over in 1977who built a state-of-the-art production site including laboratories and an education center

Made in Germany




GreenPeel is the original, purely plant-based peeling treatment - medically inspired and dermatologically developed. For over 50 years, GreenPeel is one of the leading herbal peeling treatment methods used worldwide. It provides effective solutions for skin and body - for every skin type, at any age: from pre- and better aging, to the treatment of acne, sun-damage or loss of elasticity in skin.



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